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Whilst we understand that everyone loves a bit of sunshine, and that the sun does have health benefits, we also understand how important it is to recognise the dangers of UV radiation. We witness everyday that there are still many people who underestimate the power of the sun. We know only too well the dangers of prolonged exposure to the Sun, and the harmful effects that ultraviolet (UV) light can have on your skin. It can be as few as one instance of bad sunburn whilst young, that can increase your chance of getting skin cancer later in life. Even though Skin Cancer is the UK’s most common cancer there is still a perception that a sun tan is just a healthy glow – many people do not realise that their tan is actually skin damage! When thinking of Skin Cancer, the thoughts in most people’s heads is that ‘it will never happen to me’ – sadly this is not always true and there are more and more instances of people trading Sunbeds for Hospital beds. UV-Buddy is a British manufacturer that has a daily mission to help with the spreading of UV Awareness! In order to do this we design and make Ultraviolet (UV) Awareness Accessories. All of our accessories include white UV Reactive beads, which change colour when they detect UV in the atmosphere. When these white beads have darkened so much that you can no longer tell they were once white, then it is time reach for your sunscreen.

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