Military Bases 🇬🇧

The British Services are made up of the Royal Navy together with the Royal Marines, the British Army and the Royal Air Force. Together these forces take on a multitude of complex roles across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland including military divisions of Armoured, Mechanised, Air Assault and Light Role relief, alongside more public duties of doctors, engineers, computer programming and logistics and many more that are each specialised to individual service members and professions.

The British Army are the oldest recognised branch of military personnel being established in 1775 and currently have more than 700,000 soldiers filling essential ground-based strategy positions. They hold the largest collection of active service members who each fill the diverse roles required to be an enlisted soldier, full time active officer, or part time army reserve. There are three sectors to the Army: active soldier who can be located anywhere, Army Reserves who are more locally situated and the Army National Guard. Each of these divisions have their own benefits of specialised discounts and bonuses that massively impact their lives and act as a reward for their efforts.

The Royal Air Force protect against a series of threats that range from physical aircraft monitoring and protection, to a more computerised cyber warfare, keeping both our real and digital landscape protected. These special RAF fighters seek and manage threats before they become more diverse and serious issues, reacting to these situations by deploying aircraft and soldiers to deflect conflict. These military bases are located in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire, Fairford, Lakenheath, Mildenhall, Menwith Hill and Northamptonshire amongst others and range from unexpected training situations, communication and monitoring services, and international communicational operations. RAF Brize Norton current reigns as the largest military base for Air Force training in the UK.

The Royal Navy is constructed of 77 commissioned ships and consists of amphibious warfare boats, destroyers and a series of vessels that are controlled by a fleet commander. These services have existed within the Navy for over 100 years and have become the most advanced and largest land and water-based transportation for the Navy. The largest Naval base is currently in Devonport, Plymouth and spans 650 acres and 15 dry docks, making it the perfect training location for both full time active duty soldiers and part time reserves.

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