Boudoir by Helen Rushton

The Studio 36 Endless Street Salisbury United Kingdom SP1 3UH
01722 328909

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When everywhere you look you are faced with images of “perfect” women, photoshopped to within an inch of their lives, its no wonder we struggle with self image even though we know these women aren’t real! You wont find perfection by loosing a few lbs or by trying to hide those tiny imperfections, I believe you are beautiful now and at Boudoir by Helen Rushton we’ll show you you are too! We’ll treat you to a professional make over not to make you look better but to make you feel better and see yourself the way we, your best friends and your partner see you – as the beautiful and full of fun person you really are. Beauty comes from confidence and I’m here to show you the way – after your professional makeover we’ll move through to the studio where I’ll coach you on every step, from where to look, where to place your hands and even what to think about – I’m never going to say “look sexy” because you already do! After your fabulous confidence building photo shoot, we’ll take a break so I can download and edit your images, I don’t want to waste one moment of your new confidence by making you wait to see your beautiful images and choose from the great range of products we have to showcase them on. Having photographed hundreds of women exactly like you, I know that even though you’ll probably walk in my studio with butterflies you’ll fly out of the studio after your shoot feeling and looking amazing and full of confidence you didn’t know you had! You’re beautiful now and I believe that if you’ll let me show you the way with a professional and personal boudoir photo shoot in my boutique studio, you’ll believe it too.

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