Quasar South Shields

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park Sea Road South Shields United Kingdom NE33 2LD
0191 456 1617

Forces Discount: 60 minute game for the price of a 30 minute game Group Photograph for only £2 instead of £4

Looking for something different to do? Weather not great but don’t want to be stuck in the house? Why not come down to Quasar South Shields where you can have serious fun with a laser gun, whatever the weather. Situated within Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, Quasar is a non-contact activity which can be enjoyed by everyone – no matter what their age. Set inside a 1700 sqft arena and kitted out with a vest and laser gun, the objective is simple – stalk, shoot and rack up the points. Games can be played in 2 teams or “free for all”. It is a game of wits, stealth and strategy and will certainly have your adrenaline pumping. Each player receives a full briefing and personalised score sheet. If you are lucky enough to be Top Gun you will receive a voucher to join us for a complimentary 30 minute game. Open daily from 11am (10am on weekends and school holidays) until 8pm. Are you good enough to be the Elite of the Elite?

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