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45 Thornhill Street Calverley Leeds United Kingdom LS28 5PR

Forces Discount: Up to 50% discount.Semi permanent makeup lasts 2-5 years; it doesn't run, smudge and never needs re-applying. It isn't affected by rain, water or sweat and is perfect when considering outside activities. With treatment to Eyebrows, Eyeliner and lips most of our clients want a very natural look for which we excel, so there are no concerns of looking out of place in the field. Alternatively if you want that very glam look we can do that too. Normal treatment costs start from £300 yet British Force personnel can take constant advantage of £159 offer for either Eyebrow, Eyeliner or lips treatments. Claim your voucher by clicking this link ‘ ’. Our tattoo removal service using the proven Rejuvi system is the only other true alternative to laser. Unlike most laser treatments Rejuvi can remove all colour pigments to the tattoo, is less painful than laser, on average takes half as many treatments and overall is far better value for money. See how it works at ‘

Redeem Clinic are Yorkshires leading clinic for Semi permanent makeup procedures or Tattoo removal services. With 4 clinics throughout Yorkshire (Leeds, Harrogate, Halifax and Hull) we have a reputation second to none and offer treatments at industry leading prices. We also reputedly treat more clients per year than any other clinic within our joint industries so you can be assured of our expertise and professional standards. See our referrals, our clinics, full explanation of our award winning services and videos explaining treatments in full at our web site ‘ ‘

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