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Bolton Osteopathic Clinic, Bolton

Osteopaths Forces Discount - 20% off the cost of your first appointment
Bolton Osteopath Alex Green has been practicing Osteopathy for over eighteen years and is an expert in dealing with all types of injuries. Alex is experienced in treating people who complain of...

Liza Adams & Associates, Bridport

Osteopaths Forces Discount - We offer a discount rate for initial consultation fees: £29 . If follow up appointment required charged at £25.
If your back goes out more than you do then call us for help! We are a team of 6 Registered Osteopaths providing a wide range of "hands on" treatment approaches to help patients deal with back...

Sneyd Park Osteopaths, Bristol

Osteopaths Forces Discount - Just over a 10% discount,
Osteopathy is a highly effective system of manual medicine that focuses primarily on the musculo-skeletal system. Osteopaths work to rebalance the structure and function of the body, not simply...

Whitchurch Osteopaths, Cardiff

Osteopaths Forces Discount - Five pounds reduction
Helping patients to get rid of aches and pains, strains and sprains. Treatment is provided in a relaxed environment with a highly qualified practitioner with 24 years experience in Osteopathy....

Wellthy Clinic, London

Osteopaths Forces Discount - Free 15min Osteopathy consultations
We offer Osteopathy, Pilates and Nutritionist services for people who are committed to finding their optimal health by empowering them to control their symptoms and promote Wellthy living.

St Anne's Osteopathic Centre, Lytham St Annes

Osteopaths Forces Discount -
Osteopathic Clinic. - Treatment for all manner of musculo-skeletal and functional disorders for example: back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, ankle and foot problems,...

Penney, Persaud & Partners , Skipton

Osteopaths Forces Discount - We will provide your initial consultation free of charge to decide if you have a problem that is suitable for osteopathic treatment, if it is, we can offer you an ongoing discount programme for...
We treat a wide variety of physical complaints, including Low Back pain, and a variety of types of joint pains, look at our website: for more detailed information.

City Osteopaths UK Ltd, Wolverhampton

Osteopaths Forces Discount - Initial Consultations £38 instead of £45 Follow up Treatments £28 instead of £37
Osteopaths and Sports Injury Clinic We treat all kinds of injuries and are able to rehabilitate following surgery. We also have a clinic especially for babies and children.