Forces Discounts Osteopath

Highlight Osteopaths, Barry

Osteopath Forces Discount - 50% off first treatment - £30 down to £15
Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis, treatment and management that focuses on the whole body as a single system. It also takes into account the physiological changes that can be caused by the...

Prices Back Clinic Croydon, Croydon

Osteopath Forces Discount - 15% discount at Prices Back Clinic Croydon
Musculoskeletal pains or injuries respond well to osteopathic intervention. The aim is to restore muscle function to rebalance the tissue and ease joints back into health. Techniques such as...

Helena Greenwood Osteopath, Dorking

Osteopath Forces Discount - £5 off standard appointment prices
Cranial Osteopathy & Osteopathy for pain, injuries, restricted movement - not just backs but arms, legs, neck, hips, feet, knees, head, jaw - in fact, any part of the body - call to discuss...

Sharron Barton BSc (Hons) Ost DO Registered Osteopath, Dover

Osteopath Forces Discount - Being an Ex Military family I know a discount is appreciated. A discounted rate of £25 per consultation on production of your British Forces Discount Card.
Registered Osteopath & Sports Injury and Massage Therapist. I treat each patient as an individual with my objective being the promotion of long-term health.

Gillingham Clinic, Gillingham

Osteopath Forces Discount - For Osteopathic Treatment with Jon Leigh 10% discount.
The Gillingham Clinic is the Medway Town's longest established Clinic of Complementary Medicine. We have Registered Osteopaths, Registered Naturopathic Physicians, Homoeopaths, Counsellors,...

Essex Osteopathic Clinics, Grays

osteopath Forces Discount - £10 off initial consultation and £5 thereafter.
Osteopathic and Sports Injury Clinic

Hythe Osteopathic Clinic, Hythe

Osteopath Forces Discount - £5 discount off initial and subsequent consultations with British Forces Discount Card.
For all musculoskeletal pain for enhanced injury repair. Lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain etc. Osteopathy has been shown to promote healthy recovery from many...

Michael Pearce Osteopath, Lewes

Osteopath Forces Discount - 20% off initial consultation and all follow on treatments.
Michael Pearce runs osteopathic clinics around the Lewes, Haywards Heath and Hove areas. He focuses on treating body pain due to damaged or spasming muscles, worn or injured joints and bones. Pain..., Longfield

Osteopath Forces Discount - £5 off appointments
Registered Osteopath Rachael Price and her associates work from the Longfield Integrated Care Centre. Osteopathy can be used to treat a variety of things including: Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain;...

Lydney Osteopaths, Lydney

Osteopath Forces Discount - £5 off first treatment/consultation and 10% off follow up appointments
Penny Kavallares has had 30 years experience as an osteopath and works with traditional and cranial osteopathy and where appropriate may also use ultrasound therapy and kinesiology taping. Penny...