Acton Handyman Ltd.

66 Berrymead Gardens Ealing United Kingdom W3 8AB

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You never know when you will need some home maintenance help. Whether it's with fixing something, installing new items, building goods or whatever, you will need someone who is capable of handling the tasks carefully. Often you will need professional handymen, who have the specific knowledge and skill to do the job properly and safely. Our team can see to all odd jobs you face in your home or workplace. We can send one person or a whole team to tackle whatever it is you face. Our staff can oversee carpentry work, plumbing support, electrical work, home maintenance, handle furniture construction, repairs and maintenance of buildings and items, and more. Our services will all be carried out fully and properly, so you are guaranteed to get the help you require. We can do as much or as little as you like, so if you want us to do the entire job or just get you started or finished, we can do that. Call Acton Handyman Ltd. now on 02037443274 or visit

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