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The body of knowledge – Mindful Coach – Jagdeep Takk The Body of Knowledge – Mindful Coach, offers a wide range of creative services. The weekly mindful coaching blogs gives us a weather report of how our social conditionings are affecting the anatomy…? It offers many philosophical practices and wisdom about the development of our human evolution… Jagdeep paints a picture landscape of our human evolution, while supporting the revolutionary transformations of change… She uses this theme to explore ways of understanding how the anatomy works internally – by unlocking the internal system for our forward movement…? Jagdeep, welcomes a community-based website by offering advice and helpful tips about how to maintain our mental and emotional wellbeing. The mindful coaching service is an additional gift, where Jagdeep teaches individuals and groups about how to build a successful mindset, by using the philosophy of the body of knowledge… This is a truly exceptional and inspirational website that has a lot of knowledge to share… Website: Weekly Mindful Coaching service: Mindful Coaching Service: Recently been featured in the in2town magazine: “Come with desolation and leave in happiness” - is the motto of this therapy. Change is a flicker of a switch… Are you in a relationship…? Feeling lonely, confused, lost or disempowered…! Have you just ended an unbearable relationship that left you unhappy…? Are you at unease with your mental wellbeing and feeling isolated…? If so, the mindful coach from the body of knowledge can help…! Through, simple mindful and friendly sessions – a lot can be restored, when it comes to regaining your self-worth… my name is Jagdeep Takk and I work with you through your difficult and hard times…! How can you deal with these childhood trauma...? Why are your child wounds still haunting you...? These pitfalls are deep... it's not impossible to find a way out...! You can live freely and abundantly without our past hunting you...! We can free ourselves from this self-imposed prison...! Our emotional walls can be broken...! Why are you feeling isolated...? Are you coping well with your social anxiety...? Is this anxiousness taking a toll on your daily life...? And is social gaslighting affecting how you feel about yourself...? Is this causing you sleepless nights...? Are your relationships demanding and constantly draining...? Are you in a controlling relationship, where you are constantly feeling confused...? We can all let go of these procrastinating habits... We just need to know how...? When we are happy, sadness cannot entre inside us unless we willingly allow our stagnated energies to play with us...! Are you hiding behind a happy mask - and feeling the despair internally...? Is it becoming difficult to smile through all this complexity...? Are you constantly people-pleasing...? Do you lack the self-love you desire for yourself...? This is all about how we exchange and invest energy...! How much energy do others invest in you...? When you invest all your energy on them...? Where does the fear of our failures come from...? Lack of self-worth will only promote our procrastination process...? Are you more emotionally and mentally preoccupied - with the how’s, whys and what ifs... do these thoughts keep circulating the same problems and reasons over and over again...? The mindful coach can help...? Are you constantly feeling rejected...? How can we deal with rejection...? Are you dealing with abandonment issues, or feel like nothing is never enough...? Are your loved ones there but not there...? Are you struggling to maintain a relationship because of your own personal rejections...? We are all-natural healers... We can self-heal...! Oppression is our greatest pitfall... We don't have to feel all these anxious, conflicting and painful emotions to say we are alive... We can feel happy and content without guilt, addiction and inferior complexity...! Chat, video call, or find supportive self-help tips – on your mental well-being… we are creating healthy minds by breaking down these barriers of isolation. Inspiring individuals and specialising in areas of anxiety, emotional abuse and mental health issues… please refer to my website for more details… A free 30min consultation with a programme that will help you create a successful mindset.

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