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Hydration is key to great performance , physically, mentally and emotionally as we all know, one of the side effects is the need to Wee or Pee ! We are aware that many Forces colleagues have not urinated for several days to avoid any embarrassment! Shewee and Peebol provide essential toileting solutions for all genders, the Shewee (Female Urine Director) enables women to stand up and urinate without the need to remove clothing. The Peebol provides a pocket sized toilet, converting liquid to an odourless, non spillable gel in a resealable, leakproof bag which is biodegradable ensuring no trace is left. The Peebol can be used very discreetly by all genders (including when in tanks/helicopters or out on manoevres and can then be disposed of at an available time. Peebol holds up to 1l of fluid. Shewee also has a range of briefs, shorts and T Fronts to enable easy use of the Shewee product when out and about on manoevres. She Pee combines both products for an easy, ever ready, toileting solution. Give it a try with our 20% off discount code, exclusively for British Forces personnel. All the best in 2020

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