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Floor 11 Cale Cross House 156 Pilgrim Street Newcastle Upon Tyne United Kingdom NE1 6SU
+44 808 281 2728

Cleanily handpicks expert, skilled home cleaners for all your domestic needs. All our cleans are timed and GPS tracked through our app. Your expert cleaning service in Glasgow 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Friendly & effective groups UK's a lot of acknowledged name with over 10 years' experience All cleans up tailored to your needs & schedule Professional office cleansing includes: vacuuming floors and carpets, dusting furniture and equipment, throwing garbage, consisting of empty containers and papers, and changing trash can, maintaining a consistent tidiness of cookers and toilets, fill up hygiene products - soap, towels, toilet paper and cleaning agents, such as dishwashing machine tablets, salt, wash aid, dishwasher service - putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher, inserting cleaning up representatives, turning on and eliminating clean dishes from the dishwashers, correct care of anti-static surface areas, wiping internal window sills, supply of health items. Do you have additional wishes associated with cleaning up the workplaces? We operate flexibly, adapting to the specific needs of customers. Tell us about them! Office cleaning - why entrust Cleanily? Flexible schedule We clean the workplaces occasionally or when in hours hassle-free for the client. We ensure that the cleaning services offered by our team do not interfere with the everyday life of the business. Experienced team Our knowledgeable staff members look after cleaning the offices. For several years, they have rapidly and completely brought back the tidiness and presentability of company areas. We make certain that you can take pleasure in and enjoy the longed-for peace pureness. We vacuum, wash, wipe, empty, clean, wash and organize. We have expert equipment, chemicals and a persistent group that you can trust. Customer support is at the heart of our organisation. Our polite and courteous cleaners will have the utmost regard for your house and endeavor to work around you and your way of life. If you prefer, we can even provide our services in the evening or whilst you're out at work throughout the day. We're versatile and flexible; but whatever arrangement you choose you can rely on our team to genuinely take care of your property. A Range of Professional Cleaning Services As offering quality commercial and domestic cleaning services throughout your area, we also offer a range of other services. These include upholstery and carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and spring cleans up to keep your property looking fresh. Cleanily handpicks expert, knowledgeable home cleaners for all your domestic needs. All our cleans up are timed and GPS tracked by means of our app. Do you have extra desires related to cleaning up the workplaces? Consumer service is at the heart of our service. If you prefer, we can even provide our services at night or whilst you're out at work throughout the day.

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