Confident Kids

25 Church Hill, Two Mile Ash Milton Keynes United Kingdom MK8 8EH

The Confident Kids® program is just what you and your family need if you would like to gain support for the positive wellbeing of a child or young person in your life, whether you’re a parent, relative, school staff, after-school club owner or friend. It’s a wonderful program, designed for proactive people like you who want to make a positive difference to a childs life and to the quality of family life or school community. The Confident Kids® program has been developed to improve: Confidence, academic focus, self-esteem, emotional responses, anxiety management, resilience, sleep, mental health and to improve academic outcomes The Confident Kids® program will transport you from a place of chaos to one of calm. Children are empowered to feel calm & confident, learning the life skills of a positive growth mindset. This change in mindset will then help to create the family life you have always dreamed of and enable your children to show confidence like you have never seen before. The way things are now is not the way things have to stay. Your child can learn to manage their anxieties and develop a strong sense of self-worth that will enable them to achieve anything they put their minds to. I understand that you are exhausted emotionally, physically and emotionally, you may well have the feeling that you may not have the skills required to successfully parent your child. I want to assure you that you are just the right person to parent your child. Despite feeling that your own confidence is low and you find yourself behaving in ways that you do not like, such as raising your voice or screaming till your throat hurts. You may even have tried ways of disciplining that you are not proud of, it’s going to be ok. Lots of families get stuck in this cycle of negativity but it is possible to break free and have everyone feeling 100% better. With my help, you can have the calm family life of your dreams.

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