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ROK House Kingswood Business Park, Holyhead Road, WOLVERHAMPTON United Kingdom WV7 3AU

Forces Discount: 15% Discount off the retail price of ROKiT smartphones. ROKiT phones are Designed in California to look good, made from high-quality materials so they feel good and yet we keep them affordable, so the price is good too. Simply add code BritForces15 in the Discount Code box on our website Checkout page.

ROKiT creates good looking affordable smartphones with great specs and glasses-free 3D screens. And our smartphones come with Value Added Services for free, for three months, including, SWAPiT to cover breakage, Breakdown & Home Start, Personal Injury £50,000 cover & unlimited WiFi calling to UK and 60 countries. Opt-in after free trial to take advantage of our special prices. Io Pro 3D: - 5.99 inch Full HD+ touch screen, 64Gb memory and 3850mAh long battery life,13/2Mp Rear + 8Mp Front camera. Android 9 upgrade. And Io 3D: - 5.45 inch HD+ touch screen, 16Gb memory, 2500mAh battery, 8Mp Rear + 2Mp Front camera. Android Oreo 8.1. Both phones have 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, Dual-SIM, fingerprint sensor, full array of Google apps, compatible with Google App Store. Plus an ever-growing library of 3D content and you can still watch normal video as well.

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