Graeme James Photography LTD

Unit 10 Catapult Too Building Parade Street St Helens United Kingdom WA10 1LX
07403 335 974

Forces Discount: Free Photography session time and 10% off any purchase from your final gallery. This offer is not applicable to weddings packages. A separate 10% discount is available on any package for wedding coverage.

My name is Graeme Garton and I am a co-founder of Graeme-James Photography LTD. I started my photography journey roughly 10 years ago now, with one of my dearest friends James Cosgrove. Jimmy and I would find ourselves in some of the strangest situations imaginable on our weekly photography outings after dark. From light painting on Crosby Beach, with the glorious backdrop of Sir Antony Gormley’s “Another Place”, to potholing in almost complete darkness with only a headlight for guidance. The aim was simple, to master the light and produce a special image every time. Of course that wasn’t always the case but we had tremendous fun trying. From there we worked hard to improve at every opportunity. We would study Harvard photography courses, watch countless hours of YouTube tutorials, worked along side some magnificent photographers and continued to photograph at any opportunity. We launched our company and opened our St Helens studio in 2016. From there we went from strength to strength, trying to master our own style and craft. I have been tasked with some wonderful projects over the years, from documentary, digital art, studio work and events, which have all helped me refine my style. Something that I hope comes through in my images.