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Forces Discount: When using our web site to purchase a Monitor there is a special code to add on the payment page which will reduce the price of the BM-02 Monitor by £14. Code to enter: NHS12-421. This code may change from time to time so if you find it doesn't work please contact by Email and any new code will be sent to you. Special additional Offer for British Forces in June only. For every BM-02 Monitor sold we will give , totally Free, a Gummee Glove (for when your baby starts teething) Worth £15. Please ensure that you request this offer in the NOTES section!

Baby cameras only show that your baby is sleeping or crying but the Nanny Monitor continually checks your baby's breathing pattern and sounds a loud alarm if the breathing is too slow or stops. The pad fits under the mattress and a 3 Metre cable carries the data to a control unit, run by 2xAA batteries. The Nanny Monitor is the only baby breathing Monitor which has the CE rating and been approved as a medical device for use in hospitals.