Road to Recovery

46 Aldermoor Avenue Southampton United Kingdom SO16 5GL

Forces Discount: I work for anxiety uk and offer a base rate of £25 for all students, emergency services and military. All welcome.

I have previously worked in the NHS for over 20 years in various roles in mental health settings from secondary care in Broadmoor to working in a primary care setting for IAPT services. I now work part time and work privately as a CBT Psychotherapist. I also work for Anxiety UK charity, CBT clinics and Moving Minds delivering CBT therapy . I have certified training and extensive proven experience using an integrated approach to therapy which includes CBT , Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulnness based approaches. I remain passionate about working to provide good quality services and care for all people who need help when distressed or suffering as a result of their mental health or emotional difficulties. I work with EAP referrals, well being at work and other employee referral schemes . I am also a Veterans, Young Adults and OCD champion and continue to work in my private clinical practice Road to Recovery set up in 2018. I have a long personal connection with Armed Forces, police and emergency service who deserve the best service to honour their selfless sacrifice for queen and country. My uncle received a queen birthday honours and I have family in active service.... Family members and personell all need all matter and it is important you receive the care you deserve for you careers to minimise any more tragedies and allow people to reclaim their lives post service You are not forgotten ... Life is a journey and each part is a thread in life's great tapestry......