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Company Fusion specialises in providing flexible solutions through permanent and contract assignments, managed services and a variety of integrated, innovative services. We work closely with our clients to help develop coherent solutions and to provide them with outsourced skills that will allow them to concentrate on their core business. Many organisations are finding traditional methods of attracting applicants for their vacancies increasingly ineffective. Simply posting an ad or engaging with an agency that relies on a limited number of platforms and/or feeding unmanned/impersonal portals may have worked in the past; however this approach is unlikely to result in the best possible hire. In order to form a successful partnership with our Clients and sustain our existing portfolio, we understand that it requires an intensive and pro-active approach on multiple platforms. Here at Company Fusion Limited, we truly work in partnership with our clients ensuring you make the right hire first time round. We are dedicated to continuously developing our networks, whilst ensuring we have access to a talent pool over and above our clients and competitors. Why would you engage with us if we didn't? Company Fusion Limited allows us the privilege to utilise the most powerful professional networking tools such as; LinkedIn Recruiter Professional Services. We are in the top 1% of agencies who have access to the LinkedIn Recruiter Professional services alongside subscriptions to the major specialist job boards and intelligent use of social media platforms to engage with professionals in all areas. Our recruitment consultants are amongst the best in the country and they join us to be part of a high energy "can do" team, who really do put everything into making things happen. No other agency will put in the effort that we do to get things right first time. Head-Hunting without the up-front fee..... Our search and selection service is completely free of charge until someone we source for you commences full-time employment, so there really is nothing to lose therefore a win/win scenario. If you are currently recruiting or looking to start a recruitment drive in the future, please let us know when would be a good time to discuss how Company Fusion Limited plan to save you time, money and make the best possible hire.

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