Tower Residential Design Ltd.

32 Redoubt Close Hitchin United Kingdom SG4 0FP

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Tower Residential Design Ltd. is an architectural and structural online studio. It was founded in 2014 with a team with over 15 years of professional experience. Our concept of work is addressed mainly to customers who wants to participate on every stage of the construction process and/or takeover the management chair and work to achieve the dream home of a new home. The blueprints we provide are high quality standard and will allow you to obtain accurate material quantification, also the technical designs will allow the contractor to provide an accurate quotation of the cost of your proposed work. Our technical designs and freelance services are also available to other professional within the construction industry such as architect practices, civil engineers, developers, surveyors and any other professional within the construction industry. We are specialized in preparing architectural drawings as per styles such as Classical, Contemporary, French (Baroque), Victorian & Scandinavian. From Bungalows to Cabins, Duplex and Houses We are simply passionate about providing high quality and professional home designs affordable to everyone, whether you want to build a cottage, bungalow or a castle, extend and/or renovate you can count on us.

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