Hungerford Arcade Antiques & Collectables

26-27 High Street Hungerford United Kingdom RG17 0NF
01488 683701

Forces Discount: If any item is over £11 we will give you a discount and for more expensive items, will get you a best price. Unfortunately, we cannot give discounts on credit cards, but we can on debit card and cash sales.

Hungerford Arcade was the first of its kind in the UK and probably beyond. We won the Best Antiques Centre Award in the BBC Homes & Antiques Magazine and have featured on television many times. We have the BBC here regularly filming Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip and Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. It is all great fun and the customers really enjoy watching the filming. It is non-intrusive and the customer always comes first. We have over 115 stallholders who sell a wide variety of all different sorts of antiques and collectables. The price ranges from 50p to many thousands of pounds. Whether you are a lottery winner or a young child with pocket money, there will be something in the Arcade for you. We have regular customers from all over the world who come back to us time and time again. They even subscribe to our free monthly Newsletter. (If your are interested in signing up, you can do it on our website or on facebook We we be very proud to have our British Forces shop with us. Every year we organise a vintage military vehicle display outside the Arcade raising money for the Royal British Legion. We also support the Charity, Walking With The Wounded.

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