GD Environmental Services Ltd

GD Environmental Services Nash Road Newport United Kingdom NP18 2BS

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Our main business activities are based around the identification, collection, classification, processing and disposal of waste throughout South Wales. GD Environmental is a multi-site business with sites located in Newport, Pontypool and Llanelli. Using our substantial company owned transport fleet we deliver suitable containers or vehicles to our customers, collect them when required and then deliver the waste to our processing sites for re use, recycling or for energy recovery and disposal. Our centralised sales and distribution department arranges all of the traffic movements in line with the customer’s requirements and needs. Our fleet is wholly owned and operated enabling us to provide a high level of service in line with the customer’s needs and to continuously manage the delivery and collection process through on-board telematics and satellite tracking systems. For each collection/delivery type we have several vehicles thus allowing us to manage the peaks and troughs of daily and weekly workflows as well as having an element of redundancy within the system should unforeseen issues arise.

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