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Forces Discount: Are struggling to keep on track with your fitness? Just want to pass your fitness test? Training for a specialist course? With eight years of military experience, I know all too well that keeping fit in the military can be tougher than people think! I was desk-bound in my job and very busy, I had no support from my PTI whatsoever, I would go to the gym, but mainly I would mince about pretending I knew what I was doing. We also got minimal support with nutrition and diet with the attitude generally being as long as you work hard.. eat what you want. Well now I know that nutrition plays about a 50% role in performance and body shape, I know that is BS and probably just a way of getting us to eat the ration packs! If you are looking to pass your fitness test, get stronger and look better then why not train with an ex-soldier who understands military life? I will coach you online as I have with numerous other soldiers who were also struggling with their fitness, health or performance. Even when you are deployed away from your unit, you will still be able to train, I will adjust the programme to support you. If you need secure messaging I am also available on WICKR.

Online Fitness, Nutrition and motivation coaching with ex-soldier Ben Price. All courses are 12 weeks long and tailored to your goals.