CleanXtream St Albans

103 Victoria St St Albans United Kingdom AL1 3TJ
020 8077 5259

Forces Discount: Free oven cleaning with any eot cleaning over 100gbp.

Carpet Cleaners St Albans specialises in professional steam cleaning of carpets, rugs, sofas, upholsteries, curtains, mattresses etc. The company serves private and business customers throughout St Albans and surrounding areas. We ensure high quality results without risk of damage. Our services are carried out using industry grade steam cleaning equipment which yields optimal results in minimum time, and without margin for error. Our equipment and materials are safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre carpets and rugs. We are able to clean effectively all types of delicate sofa fabric finishes, curtains and upholsteries without alteration to colour fastness, dimensions or comfort properties.Steam cleaning uses the natural sanitising power of hot steam, which means no use of aggressive solvents or toxic cleaning products. Steam cleaning is highly effective in removal of most organic and chemical staining from a variety of fabrics.

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