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Forces Discount: Loyalty points on each and every order. Turn loyalty points into discounts. Every single product in our online shop will be awarded a loyalty points value. So, every time you shop with us you'll earn loyalty points which can then be saved up and used against any further purchases from us, giving you a nice little discount each and every time you shop! No code required but you do need to register as a customer to collect your loyalty points.

We are a long established family-run business and have been operating for a number of years now. We specialise in offering a range of positive parenting and school educational products, including: Reward Charts Time Out Aids Stickers Certificates Badges Stampers ...and a whole lot more! In fact, our site has hundreds of products aimed at helping you praise and reward your children and school pupils. As you browse our online shop you'll see feedback and testimonials left by lots and lots of happy parents, school teachers, and carers who have shopped with us in the past and continue to do so! We like to think that we have something for absolutely everyone here, and if you need help finding the perfect reward charts for your children or reward system for your class then we're only a phone call away, and we'll be only too happy to help you find exactly what you need. We even offer a range of completely FREE Reward Charts which you can download from our site and print off to get you used to the reward system! Hopefully, once you are used to how things work, you'll pop back and shop with us again, and try out our full range of reward supplies!

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