Glass & Cinders Luxury Wedding Photography

35 Edna Street Chester United Kingdom CH2 3BW

Forces Discount: 25% off the price of our standard package, which includes coverage from us both, from early until late. Just reference British Forces Discounts and provide evidence of your current or former service status. Simple! This discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions or deals.

Luxury wedding photography by duo Lindsay & Tom. Lindsay is a Photography post-graduate with over 15 years experience, having covered hundreds of weddings in the UK and overseas. Tom is an international award-winning documentary photographer, who has exhibited in the UK, US, Europe and Asia. We're accomplished artists in our own right and we're hugely passionate about what we do! Lindsay grew up in a military family and Tom served in the British Army, before leaving in 2004. We greatly respect the difficult work our armed forces do, often with little recognition for their many sacrifices. It would be a real privilege to photograph your wedding and wish you a bright and happy future!