Business Utilities UK

Unit 4 Brenton Business Complex, Bond Street Bury United Kingdom BL9 7BE

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Business Utilities UK is a commercial energy broker that offers businesses in the UK a cheaper rate for their business energy. They provide a compare and hassle free switching service meaning that they act on behalf of their client when it comes to negotiating rates from UK business energy suppliers. They are able to get a better price for their clients due to their bulk buying ability because of the amount of clients they have on their books combined with the amount of gas and electricity suppliers they currently work with. Business Utilities UK are also a UIA accredited energy broker. This industry accreditation means that they adhere to strict guidelines and codes of conduct when conducting business on behalf of clients meaning that they have been awarded a sign of trust from the industry. Business Utilities UK will also be providing business with a choice in business water supplier when the water industry deregulates in April 2017. This means that, just like in the gas and electric market, a business will be able to choose from a variety of water suppliers in the UK in order to get a better price on their water rates and Business Utilities UK will be there to facilitate that change.

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