North Section Terrace Menswear

27 Abertay Street Dundee United Kingdom DD5 2QH

Forces Discount: Code: AF01 - 15% Off North Section likes to support the troops as much as it can. In the past, we have released products that have the sole purpose of raising funds for both the Erskine Appeal and the Royal British Legion. Now we hope to help out current members of the Armed Forces with discount on our website. Code: AF01 gets 15% off your entire order when entered at the check out! We hope to see you on our website soon. You do a great job.

Founded in 2013 as Cirvinel, the rebranding process has given birth to North Section in a new era. Since our foundation, we have traded in mostly just t-shirts and sent them all over Europe and further afield and have taken great joy in seeing our t-shirts worn in Germany, Sweden and Macedonia among others. As we looked to expand our range we felt we needed to work on our branding better and it became clear that the main reason that we were not doing this was, we didn't have a clear vision for our brand and, therefore, could not put our faith in it. We felt a little outside ourselves, and North Section was born. We wanted to keep mainly within terrace culture but keep the versatile nature that we had before to branch off and explore other areas of British subcultures so it was important the name had the same versatility while becoming more relevant to terrace culture at the same time. The inspiration from the name came from the term used to describe the northern section that many groups of Ultras are situated in Italy - la curva nord. Translated, it means the north bend so we adapted this to give is a British, rather than a continental feel, and named the brand North Section. It makes geographical sense to us to choose this with us being situated up north on the east coast of Scotland.

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