Restore Therapy

24 Wells Close Harpenden United Kingdom AL5 3LQ

Forces Discount: Trial 45 minute session for £20 (save £25) valid for treatments booked at Restore Therapy, Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Discounts may also be available at other locations.

Scar treatments which are holistic and work to improve the condition and feel of large scars from accidents or operations. ScarWork is a kind of treatment for scars given with dry hands which generates permeant changes to scar tissue even decades after the scar was created. Ideal for those still feeling discomfort in their scar including tightness, sensitivity issues such as numbness or discomfort/pain. Treatments last between 30-75 minutes. One session may be sufficient to leave your scar feeling more comfortable, smoother and flatter or a series of treatments may be required. All changes from treatments are permanent.

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