Alpha Automatic Disability Driving Tuition

Sutton Way Shrewsbury United Kingdom SY2 6EE
07940 328203

Forces Discount: I have worked with those in the forces who have suffered lost of limbs, Spinal injury, and other impairments, I'm offering 10% discount for those serving or ex-forces

Specialist in Automatic/Disability tuition, with over 24 years’ experience in driver training has always been interested in SEN and decided to develop into automatics and disabilities after his own back injury progressed. Having trained at Derby DrivAbility mobility. He offers tuition for; Learner, Pass Plus, Advanced, Motorway, Returning to Driving, PDAL, DVLA Assessment, and Familiarisation Training. Tuition vehicle Vauxhall Meriva which has easy access Automatic gears Adaptations; Cowal Hand controls with indicator, Cowal left foot accelerator, Hand brake easy off, Steering spinners, Lodgesons Secondary controls, Contego hearing device. Client needing more complex adaptation could have training in their own vehicle, this is particularly important for drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles. I have experience with Cerebral Palsy, MS, ME, Amputation, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, Stroke, Head & Spinal Injury, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autistic Spectrum, Asperger’s, ADHA &. Impaired Hearing. tuition in Shrewsbury Telford Oswestry and surrounding areas.

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