H2O Physio

Vittoria House Vittoria Street Birmingham United Kingdom B1 3ND
0121 293 2804

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H2O Physio is the UK’s first private clinic to have the revolutionary underwater treadmill and its innovative water-based physiotherapy programmes provide all the advantages of effective exercise without putting stress on joints. Whether it's for fitness or rehabilitation, the water provides more resistance to build muscle strength, increase core stability, help with balance and improve general health. With centres in Birmingham and near Wolverhampton, this advanced hydrotherapy equipment was previously only available for elite athletes and premiership football teams. Run by a team of qualified physiotherapists, sports therapists and rehabilitation experts, H2O Physio develops concise, personalised programmes for each user. See treadmill in action at http://www.h2o-physio.co.uk/page-content/hydrotherapy-video

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