Horizons Counselling

Park House Business Centre South St Elgin United Kingdom IV30 1JB

Forces Discount: For serving or ex serving adults and couples I offer a £5 discount on my usual £35/£40 sessional charge. For children and young people a £2 discount on my usual £10 sessional charge.

As an ex serviceman I have encountered a wide range of problems related to the unique nature of life in the military. Other people's worries and my own concerns have sometimes affected my work or my personal life. It can help to explore these issues with someone in a safe and confidential space, someone who is detached from your situation, someone that will listen non-judgementally and try to understand you. I try to provide these conditions, which can help people in resolving their problems. After I left the Forces I spent some years training as a counsellor and have since provided counselling for adults, couples, and children & young people. The wide range of issues I have experienced, from a variety of people, have reinforced my ability to deal with people in a sensitive and caring way. My counselling premises are centrally located in Elgin with easy access. I can also provide counselling by telephone or Skype.