Journey Method

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Fast, effective, gentle Stress solution for Men, Women & Children Sensitive issues can often be the most difficult to resolve and heal. It can be difficult and painful to 're-live' the experience. Although traditional counselling can help enormously, for some people (especially children) there are no words to describle how they feel. This is an excellent method for very sensitive cases because, as it is not counselling, the client is not required to speak in detail of upsetting or traumatic memories and some people do not want to talk in any depth about their past. It is a remarkable therapy that is extremely effective - without the use of medication or touch. Personally, in the past 14 years, I have worked with more than 1500 clients of all ages, many from personal referrals, and referrals from Socials Services & other Agencies, and they have found this method to be remarkable effective, even where other methods of therapy have failed. For Amore information visit or confidential free of charge telephone consultation call Sue Franklin 01442 213152

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