Young Drivers Track

31 The track Dunsfold Park Dunsfold United Kingdom GU6 8TB
01483 200271

Forces Discount: Children of British Forces get a free on road lesson having done the course at the under 17 Top Gear Track

Master all the basics of driving before you go out on the road. No licence required! Learner drivers and parents are only too aware of the dual problem of learning to physically drive a motor car and at the same time coping with other traffic and road conditions. Imagine teaching a person to cycle for the first time in a busy high street. How much better to learn without the pressure of other road users, Our courses will ensure that young people have time to develop the necessary skills involved in driving a motor car before the important stage of dealing with other road users. The three hour course is divided into comfortable 1 or 1/½ hour sessions taken over two or three days, either consecutively or periodically, depending on your preference. The course is designed to teach young people how to drive a car under supervised conditions and developing the correct attitudes to driving, emphasising the importance of being safer road users for when they later take to the public roads. All tuition is on a one to one basis, and in car

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