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Forces Discount: Normally we do 50% off the first box (£5), but for the British Forces we offer 60% off (£4). Discount code: FOOD4FORCES

SimplyCook is a subscription based service that provides amazing taste to fresh food. Once you sign up to our service you get to chose from over 50 recipes (over 8 cuisines) on our website and get monthly SimplyCook boxes delivered to you through your mailbox. We send 4 different ingredient kits containing special flavour blends / stocks / marinades, 4 easy to follow recipe cards and a easily accessible shopping list (4 different meals for 2-3 people each) so you get the perfect taste to the food with no chance of error. Our recipes are created in house by our chef and all our ingredients and meals are designed to cook fresh, healthy meals in 20 minutes or less. All the recipes are very easy to follow and it is cheaper and easier than getting a take out. Delicious, quick to make, healthy food that you will love.

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