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Forces Discount: We offer a 20% discount on all book orders, for orders sent to a military address in UK only - for discount contact us directly by telephone or email with discount code: British Bulldog 07/2019

Aware of the needs of those looking for foreign language books, fifteen years ago we set up Language Books Ltd - not an internet bookseller, but a virtual bookshop that can be accessed by telephone and email. We supply any foreign language material - specialising in French, German, Spanish - and being experts in our own specialised field, are able to offer free advice and sourcing of titles, delivery times, prices, availability etc. In fact many bookshops use our services as we provide a human interface, as in a shop, down the telephone or by email. We consider ourselves as part of the new breed of booksellers: in fact a virtual shop, with personal contact available from 9 to 5. Tel: 0800 002 9992 or email [email protected] Damian Duggan, Language Books Ltd www.LBOL.co.uk

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