Bevan Cockerill

259 Stainbeck Road Chapel Allerton Leeds United Kingdom LS7 3PR
0113 294 7778

Forces Discount: New Business Discount - For any new business starting out I can offer you help to create your Google+ Local account which puts you on the Google map and then I will offer you a 10% discount on a virtual tour which will really get your new business noticed on the Internet. All businesses require a free, no obligation, survey to assess how many photographs it will take to get around, the smaller the business the fewer photos will be needed so the cheaper it'll cost.

I create Google Virtual Tours for the inside of businesses. These tours not only show off the business facilities and what you have to offer the public but it also boosts your Google ranking so is ideal for any new business starting up. I basically bring Google Street View INSIDE your business, Google Business View.

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