Body Mania Ltd. (Sport Supplement & Nutrition)

328, Slade road, Erdington, Birmingham United Kingdom B23 7LP

Forces Discount: £10.00 - £50.00 = 5%. £51.00 - £100.00 = 7.5%. £101.00 - £150.00 = 10%. £151.00 - £200.00 = 12.5%. £201.00+ = 15%.

We at Body Mania are proud to offer our customers the top brands in sport supplements and nutrition at very competitive prices. We constantly compare our prices with our competitors including the online sellers and adjust these accordingly. We always have a large stock available but are able to acquire special orders at a short notice. We have other related products such as frozen food, ready made meals, protein bread, protein pasta and even protein ice cream. We also have training accessories such as gloves, belts, wrist wraps and various body supports etc. Please visit us on, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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