Boscombe Down Aviation Collection

Hangar 1 South, Old Sarum Airfield, Old Sarum Salisbury United Kingdom SP4 6DZ

Forces Discount: Serving personnel of HM Forces £7 ticket (normal price £8.50)

The Boscombe Down Aviation Collection tells the history of flight and flight testing. Based in A World War 1 Hangar it is steeped in history with fascinating collection of aircraft, cockpits, weapons and models. With guided tours, interaction and the ability to actually get in the cockpits and experience the thrill of being a pilot of some of the worlds fastest jets Boscombe Down Aviation Collection offers a unique family attraction. The collection houses a number of items of national historic interest including the Sea Harrier XZ 457, one of the fastest jest in the world the English Electric Lightning and a replica BE2 B biplane which was the first to land at Boscombe Down. There is also the opportunity to see the continuing restoration and preservation work that goes on at the museum, currently restoring a Jaguar jet back to it’s former glory!

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