Everyman Art Gallery

22 Parkfield Road South Didsbury United Kingdom M20 6DH

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Everyman Art Gallery represents talent across North West and further afield. The array of artwork we supply is presented only with a few samples on our web site. (For example if artwork of military ships were sought after, we can supply this. But because this does not represent a mainstream client, we do not put such artwork on our web site). We organise exhibitions in suitable premises to help professional clients represent their ethos of their work or particular idea behind a campaign in a sophisticated and creative way. Artwork in workplace or private residence is always a point of conversation and an atribute to your interests. Needless to say, you are supporting an artist and intelect. The exhibitions are chosen by the clients themselves together with the help of our consultancy. They can take place in a conference room, foyer, large corridor, stately home, or any suitable space.