Van Renselar Contemporary Art

2 Stour Close Keston United Kingdom BR2 6BX
01689 860777

Forces Discount: Most pictures on my site are priced at c£600. I am offering these to any forces member at a £150 discount. Just quote FORCES3142 to qualify.

Original and unique artworks on canvas by renowned contemporary British artist Van Renselar. Be the envy of your friends with fine examples of modern British art on your wall. About Van Renselar: Van Renselar is primarily concerned with illustrating his own unique view of life using composition, colour and an ever-evolving form of symbolism to create intriguing and strikingly different art. He takes ideas from experiences which are visual, cerebral and emotional in nature. As Van Renselar himself says, "I want to use my knowledge of colour, image and composition to make pictures which involve and intrigue the viewer. I take ideas from around and within me, using intuition and imagination to create a new context. Much of my work stems from my subconscious, where I see actions, events and ideas as particular images and colours. As some music can take on a different meaning after it has left the composer's pen, I encourage the viewer to create their own narrative about the picture.” Van Renselar has exhibited at many venues all over the world and in the UK. He was born in 1959 and lives near London, UK.

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