Gillian Anderson Price LTD

16 Brook Street Mayfair United Kingdom W1S 1BE

Forces Discount: 10%

Gillian Anderson Price in Mayfair isn’t your typical antiques or vintage store. It’s a quirky and eclectic mix of vintage home wares, jewellery and curiosities discerningly selected, edited and curated. Come in store for personal service and a plethora of unique one off items which are certain to delight. There is sure to be something for all lovers of vintage home wares, jewellery and objects of unusual interest. n a world now so globalized that all shopping centers and high streets Internationally offer identical brands with identical window displays and merchandise it is near impossible to find a unique and thoughtful gift. It’s true money can’t buy you love it’s also true that money can’t buy you the time to search and trawl niche boutiques or vintage markets and fairs: the only places where really unique and special items can be found. It’s easy to go to a high-end global brand to pick up a trinket, but something really special and really different? Gillian will source for you an unexpected item that is sure to delight. A little information regarding the recipient and the occasion, if there is one will result in suggestions all of which will be perfection!