Kosher Fitness Ltd

MJCC Jubilee School Bury Old Road Salford United Kingdom M7 4QY

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Evolve is a completely alternative way of exercising and excelling. Homegrown in Manchester Evolve is a new breed of fitness experience that gives you a platform for excellence. Here at Evolve we have brought diverse disciplines together to create workouts that build fitness, skills, strength, heart health, discipline, reasoning, flexibility and a wide range of other attributes that will improve your life. Evolve specialises in THAI BOXING, JIU JITSU, MMA, PARKOUR, CIRCUIT TRAINING, ASSAULT COURSE TRAINING, STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING and YOGA and takes inspiration from strongman, military fitness, gymnastics and acrobatics as well as martial arts training old and new. Beginners sessions, 1-2-1 coaching, intro to martial arts courses, women only sessions, kids classes, team building events and training for those who have a lower level of fitness are all available on a regular basis at Evolve. All Evolve team members are level 3 personal trainers and nutritionists, all martial arts coaches are fully qualified and insured and we have competition fighters in all of the martial arts we teach.

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