Cheddar Gorge & Caves

Cheddar Gorge The Cliffs Cheddar United Kingdom BS27 3QF
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Forces Discount: Book online for special discounted prices on Cheddar Gorge Day Ticket for members of the Army, Navy and RAF, as well as veterans, dependant families and bereaved families with official ID cards. Military personnel and qualifying visitors must present an official ID card on arrival to validate this offer (MOD and DDS Cards accepted). Visit to book your tickets now. Terms & conditions apply.

EXPERIENCE THE WONDER OF CHEDDAR GORGE & CAVES Cheddar Gorge & Caves boasts extraordinary subterranean show caves, awe-inspiring cliffs and holds many fascinating secrets about our prehistoric ancestors. Our Day Ticket gives access to six great attractions: Gough’s Cave: Prepare to be amazed by our stunning show cave featuring spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations created over 500,000 years ago! See cheddar cheese maturing in the caves, view the site where Cheddar Man’s 10,000-year-old skeleton was discovered and learn about the extraordinary DNA discovery. A free audio guide is available in six languages, and there is also a special version for children. Cox’s Cave featuring Dreamhunters: Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors and watch the story of early man unfold in this spectacular multimedia experience. Beyond the View: Take a seat in front of our state of the art 270-degree screen. Discover historic tales, enjoy breathtaking aerial panoramic views, and learn about the special wildlife and plants that call the gorge home. Museum of Pre-History: Discover amazing artefacts unearthed in the Cheddar area that help tell the story of how people lived thousands of years ago. Jacob’s Ladder & The Lookout Tower: Venture up the 274 steps to the top of the gorge with rest stops along the route to admire the view. Marvel at the panoramic views and mosaic of landscapes across the Mendips and Somerset Levels. Cliff-Top Walk: Hike the 3-mile loop around the gorge. Look out for the wildlife and enjoy the stunning scenery. If you don’t have time to do the full circuit, you can go for a shorter walk up to the Pulpit Rock look out point, and head back down the ladder. All our attractions are dog friendly. Nature, wildlife, history, adventure - experience the wonder on an all-season day out in Somerset.