Khukuri cross

station approach Maidstone United Kingdom me16 8rj

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“Khukuri Cross” is a customer dedicated new Nepalese and Indian restaurant in the town of Maidstone. It is located within the Maidstone West Train Station premises. We deliver one of the finest flavours of Nepal and also real flavour of our neighbouring country India. The name “Khukuri Cross” has a very close link with the Gurkha Regiments who undoubtedly fought many wars in the past 200 years and currently serving in the British Army alongside with our British counterparts. One of our specialities is to provide the taste of the Regimental Gurkha Dishes (Aludam, Bhutuwa, Curry, Bhat, Daal, RSM’s Chutney, Papodam etc) for those who have served in the Gurkhas before; as well as other traditional Nepalese food. We would like to offer the friendliest hospitality from Nepal and the very good quality of food, high standard of service to our valuable customer.

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