BDS Pro Clean

17 Roseburn Avenue Edinburgh United Kingdom EH12 5PB
07342 645 905

Welcome to BDS Pro Clean, your premier local cleaning expert, nestled in the heart of Edinburgh and serving the wider areas of East Lothian and West Lothian. Founded in 2019 by the dedicated and visionary Sean Dickson, our company has swiftly risen to prominence, garnering acclaim and trust within the community. With an impressive tally of over 2,117 delighted customers, BDS Pro Clean stands out, boasting hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook from both local businesses and residents. At BDS Pro Clean, we are committed to delivering an unparalleled cleaning service, underpinned by our unwavering 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee. Our extensive suite of services includes a thorough range of exterior cleaning options such as driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, soft washing, moss removal, and gutter cleaning. These services are designed not just to clean but to rejuvenate your property’s appearance, enhancing its longevity and curb appeal. On the interior front, BDS Pro Clean excels in carpet cleaning and upholstery care, specialising in the treatment of both leather and fabric sofas. We deploy powerful, yet family-friendly products, ensuring a deep, effective clean that's also safe for all household members and pets. Our approach combines technical proficiency with a personal touch, as our expert technicians are not just trained and certified but also exhibit a respectful and considerate attitude towards your home. BDS Pro Clean's commitment to excellence is not confined to the quality of cleaning alone. We ensure that our services offer great value for money, with results that are not just immediate but enduring. Roofs and carpets treated by us stay cleaner for longer, a testament to the efficacy and thoroughness of our work. Our reputation for excellence has even led to our work being featured on Lad Bible, highlighting our innovative and effective cleaning methods. Fully insured and adhering to the highest standards of safety and reliability, BDS Pro Clean is the epitome of a trusted local business. Choosing BDS Pro Clean means opting for expert service by friendly, professional technicians who are dedicated to revitalising your home or business environment.