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Forces Discount: Please call the telephone number provided quoting my name for a free chat about your situation of up to 20 minutes. If you choose to instruct you will receive 20% of all work carried out by Setfords for the duration I am representing you

I am Kiran, a Chartered Institute of Legal Executives Fellow with over two decades of experience in family law, specializing in disputes over child residence, contact, relocation, and domestic abuse injunctions. Some of my cases involve domestic abuse, alcohol/substance , neglect, sexual abuse, and parental alienation issues. Based in Birmingham, I extend my assistance nationwide through remote consultations and hearings. My commitment stems from a desire to aid clients in rebuilding their lives during tumultuous times. I prioritize client comfort and accessibility, offering tailored services to accommodate their needs. I strive to provide transparent and compassionate legal advice. I've highlighted family issues and legal remedies through media appearances