Matted Tangled Hair Detangler Training London UK

Liverpool Road Chester United Kingdom CH2 1AQ

Learn and train to be a Professional Hair Detangler for very matted tangled hair in London. We will send you customers once your training is complete. More people in the United Kingdom need professional hair detangler services. We want to train and hire more techs in London, UK and UAE Taining is done online and also through Tangled Hair Techs Train & Work Program. We are looking for individuals or hairdressers interested in a rewarding and life changing opportunity to professionally detangle severely matted tangled knotted Hair. As well as to learn safe and proper techniques to remove glue hair extensions, Fusion Hair Extensions, Braids, sew-in Weaves, Dreadlocks, and twists. With the Train & Work program •Complete training, get certified; and start working We send you clients and customers daily. Join our international team today..... You will first receive an online training video which is required to begin online training and working to become certified as a Tangled Hair Tech. It includes two bottles of the super detangler that we use, combs and branded T-shirt. Once online video training is completed, practical training follows. Upon completion of all training certificates will be issued.