Fair Parking

106, St Nicolas Park Drive, Nuneaton, CV11 6DY Nuneaton United Kingdom CV11 6DY

Fair Parking offers the most PROVEN comprehensive answer to ANY style of parking enforcement whether via a private parking company (parking charge notice), or local authorities (penalty charge notice) where bailiff action is resorted to post haste, and illegal throughout . Our service includes 100% protection against ALL court summonses and interventions (parking is a CIVIL matter), arrests for alleged obstructions of a bounty hunting bailiff (now called ‘enforcement agents’) or alleged warrants of control (100% fakes – if they bother to produce them at all). Particularly beware of those on ‘smart’ phones who are simply contacting their own office and NOT any court Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions also offers a 100% no quibble refund for any case involving a private parking company in the event of it obtaining a county court judgment against those who use our service – and we can promise that as nobody who has ever issued a court summons has ever succeeded in getting a CCJ once Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions has written to them producing our damning and indefensible statements.