Holscot Fluoroplastics Ltd

Holscot Fluoroplastics Ltd, Alma Park Road, Alma Park Industrial Estate Grantham United Kingdom NG31 9SE

Holscot Fluoroplastics Ltd was formed in 1970, with a particular brief to examine the potential of the newly available melt processable fluoroplastics. The original fluoroplastic material PTFE had been created a long time ago and was widely in use for a variety of applications. Its major disadvantage was that it was not possible to weld or thermoform it. For this reason, derivatives were created which were true thermoplastic copolymers of PTFE. They were melt processable i.e. in their molten state they could be extruded into tube and sheet products which themselves could be formed under high temperature or welded when molten. All these materials – PTFE, FEP and laterally PFA and ETFE were created initially by Du Pont and carried the Teflon trade name. The first of the melt processable materials was FEP and it was this material on which Holscot centred its initial projects. In January 2001 Holscot Industrial Linings changed its name to Holscot Fluoroplastics ltd. Today the Holscot Group encompasses Six Divisions each specializing in specific areas of expertise.