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We are a Complete Computer and IT Services Solution Provider: Does your laptop or computer not work well? There are many types of computer repair services available from One Touch Services in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire & Greater London areas, including laptop and computer screen repair, virus removal, network support & PC repair. You can also schedule an appointment with a mobile technician through One Touch Services. Since 2005, OneTouchServices has been providing computer repair and IT services in the Greater London and Surrey area. The shop began offering most repair needs as a call out service. Over the years, OneTouchServices has grown steadily and developed a wider range of repair services. In the current state of the industry, OneTouchServices' services are available on every level of data technology. Currently, we have clients ranging from the accounting industry to the equestrian industry. Our Expert Team: Among the many services we offer are removing viruses from your computer, upgrading the hardware such as RAM or SSD, replacing the screen, keyboard. Our services also include data recovery, PC speedup, and data recovery for laptops and desktops. Visit our services page for a full list or browse the most popular services listed on the left side. OneTouchServices provides the following products and services: If you need computer repair services or are considering upgrading certain parts of your PC, you can read about why you might want/need to do so under Installations, Repairs, and Upgrades. The page discusses the whole PC, including components such as hard drives, read-only memory, DVD-RW/DVD-ROM devices, motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards, network cards, multi-media systems, digital cameras, and software. Our computer repair services include network support, so it is a good idea to visit that page if you are interested. Wired and wireless networks are supported. The OneTouchServices team is here to help you connect to a router more easily, whether it is a single one or multiple ones. You've probably experienced slowdowns or strange behavior on your computer at some point. Probably you have a virus that needs to be removed or troubleshot. Visit our laptop repair service as well as our laptop screen repair page if your laptop has a damaged screen or if it needs general repairs. • Troubleshooting • Remote assistance • Custom-built computers • Setup and support of wireless and wired networks • Software and hardware installation • Replacement keyboard for laptops • Repairing laptop screens • Laptop repair • Spyware Removal • Virus removal Package deals are also available at OneTouchServices, which are competitively priced on all products and services! IT Solutions: Integrated IT Solutions offer advanced protection and flexibility by bundling together a wide range of services. You can use this service to resolve IT issues you may encounter in the day-to-day operations of your business more quickly and efficiently. Instead of just buying one product - such as an anti-virus - an IT solution combines multiple IT products and services, allowing you to take a more holistic approach to your IT needs. As an example, let's look at anti-virus software. In its standalone state, this product is pretty good, but when combined with the latest anti-spam filters and system scanning, it gives you a much better overall degree of protection. If anything goes wrong with your network, your business will benefit from a well-secured network with the complete IT solutions package. We ProvideFollowing IT Solutions: You can customize OneTouchServices' IT solutions to meet the needs of your organization. The value added resellers (VARs) like us understand the importance of providing a broader range of IT products to your business. We put great effort into providing quality products and services to our customers since we thrive on customer satisfaction. • Support for desktops and laptops • Maintaining a vehicle preventatively • Security and administration of networks • Monitoring your network in a proactive way • Connectivity via wireless • Support and monitoring of onsite customers • Virtualization of servers and storage • Integration between Office 365 and the cloud • Supporting and maintaining operating systems • Imaging of hard drives custom made • Scanning for vulnerabilities • Upgrades of computer hardware and software • Troubleshooting Hardware and Software • Support is provided on a desk-side basis • System of VoIP telephones • Cabling for data transmission • Support for remote IT systems • IT Consulting IT solutions expert Any IT issue that you, or your company, may encounter can be resolved with our array of IT services. By implementing our IT solutions, you will be able to run your business more efficiently and effectively. We are a proud Value Added Reseller (VAR) and would like to underscore the significance of having a more rounded IT product within your organization. We understand how important it is to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers. Computer Shop Lab We will perform all computer repairs, laptop repairs, and PC repairs in our OneTouchServices repair lab while your machine is in our hands. Consumers and businesses can utilize OneTouchServices products and services. We look forward to maintaining a positive relationship with all the clients we serve. We hope to continue growing as a computer shop by providing superior services at an affordable price, excellent customer service, and maintaining great customer relations with all of our customers. Why Choose us? Our goal is to satisfy every client with exceptional products and services, tailored to their needs. Develop a package that is tailored to each client based on their ideas and current setup.By being professional, we build excellent relationships with our customers. OneTouchServices 24 High Street Bagshot GU19 5AA United Kingdom 01276 818 698