Cleaners Merton

20 Stratton Rd Merton United Kingdom SW19 3JG
020 8077 4348

Cleaners Merton will give you the upper hand and provide you with a wide range of top quality, highly effective cleaning services that are guaranteed to give customers the best possible results, without risk of damage or excess cost. Whether you need to do a quick clean-up of the bedroom or the living room, or perhaps you are looking for detailed kitchen or wet room cleaning, we have the right service for you. Our range of professional one-off house cleaning is a great way to customise an already versatile service and make it even more convenient in order to cover your specific requirements and give you outstanding results where you need them most. The one off house cleaning can cover the entire property from top to bottom, or customer specified rooms and areas only. Many customers have requested their one-off house cleaning to be combined with specialised appliance cleaning for fridges, ovens and aspirators.